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Can Your Poor Posture Affect Your Blood Sugar?


Your blood sugar levels are not only linked to what you eat, but recent research now suggests that how you sit and stand can play an important part. Your posture influences the pressure and strain placed on your spine and if left uncorrected can result in what is clinically referred to as thoracic kyphosis. This condition can, in turn, cause chronic lower back pain that may negatively impact your quality of life. And, with the number of hours you sit in a given day, having proper posture may serve to be one of the most important predictors of your future health.

In a detailed, year-long study, chiropractors treated a 26-year-old male who suffered from mid-back pain for nearly a decade and was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Further examination and X-rays of his back revealed that he had thoracic kyphosis (outward curvature of the spine) in his mid-back.

Before treatment began, researchers analyzed his blood sugar levels and had him complete a self-reporting quality of life survey. The patient underwent a number of chiropractic adjustments using all-natural, non-invasive procedures to correct his spinal misalignment. After each treatment, researchers found that his blood sugar level naturally dropped within healthy levels and by the conclusion of the study, the patient was able to reduce his daily intake in half. Not only had the chiropractic treatments addressed his back pain and reduced it significantly, but he also reported being more energized and having a higher quality of life as a result.

That’s why at Corrective Chiropractic we take the time to create a comprehensive health plan for our patients. We evaluate their current pain and medical issues and work through a series of all-natural chiropractic treatments to bring about immediate and lasting relief. At each visit, we objectively measure your health progress and use cutting-edge and safe technology to track spinal mechanics to ensure that our treatments are both getting to the root cause of your pain and helping you to achieve greater quality of life.

If you have not had a chiropractic treatment in the last 6 months, we highly recommend that you visit your local chiropractic office. Corrective Chiropractic has six convenient locations in Georgia and a new office in Charleston, South Carolina. We invest in the best technology, the most knowledgeable chiropractors in the region, and go the extra mile to give you the high-quality care you deserve. To learn more about our methods and to schedule a free no-strings-attached consultation, click here.

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