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Chiropractic Care Helps Reduce Healthcare Costs


With healthcare costs estimated to increase at a rate of approximately 5% each year well into the next decade, patients are left trying to find other alternatives for treatment. And, a multi-year study is pointing to the power of chiropractic care in terms of its ability to lower the cost of healthcare for millions of Americans.

Over the past 7 years, researchers tracked the clinical and cost utilization through patient surveys. Their findings suggest that regular chiropractic care can be a cost-effective way for patients to both manage and improve their health.

According to their thorough research which involved studying over 70,274 patients, chiropractic care had the following effects:

  • 60.2% fewer in-hospital admissions

  • 59.0% reduction in hospital days

  • 62.0% decrease in outpatient surgeries and procedures

  • 85% less spent in pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine

So, can chiropractic treatments be an all-natural and affordable way to improve health care outcomes and lower healthcare costs? Research is pointing to a resounding “yes”.

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