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The Importance of Replacing Screen Time with Outdoor Time

With technology use on the rise, the smallest among us are being severely affected. In a January 2019 study released by the journal JAMA Pediatrics, researchers have found a direct association between the amount of screen time allowed at age 2 and 3 with delayed physical development by age 5. For the purposes of this study, development encompassed progression in communication, motor skills, problem-solving and personal social skills.

Though The American Academy of Pediatrics officially recommends limiting screen time for toddlers and preschoolers to no more than one hour of educational programming per day, many parents often allow their children to exceed this amount. Though the direct cause in the stunted development is not known, health ailments such as “text neck” are increasing the number of back and neck issues seen in teens and young children.

As children stare down at mobile phones or tablets, they place more pressure and stress on their neck, back, and begin to compromise their posture, which in turn places their spine out of alignment. Having good back health is critical for young children, as their bodies rapidly grow and misalignments can disturb their body’s functioning and cause sleep difficulties, digestive challenges, even immune system compromises.

The latest research contributes to the growing body of research that points to outdoor play being an important part of a child’s daily schedule. Being outdoors enables children to not only remain physically active, but it comes with a host of health benefits as well. Studies have found that the body responds positively to being outside regularly and can help contribute to lower levels of stress, improved heart functioning, and just a higher level of enjoyment.

If you are concerned about your child’s screen use or want to have their back evaluated to prevent later back issues from arises, the kid-friendly doctors at Corrective Chiropractic can help! We have extensive experience working with young children and are more than happy to answer all of your questions to help you ensure your child’s body and development is progressing as it should.

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